Michael E. Novak


Mr. Novak is Chairman and CEO of Tertia, Inc. His work involves the intersection of technology, media, and international communications between the US and Asia. Tertia delivers enhanced English media to the 2 Billion second language speakers of English worldwide. The economic buying power of this demographic is as strong as the native English-speaking population, yet major media companies have not considered how to successfully reach them. Tertia does that.

In the non-profit sector he also chairs the Board of Trustees of Cogswell Polytechnic College, a Silicon valley-based education institution specialzing in the digital media, and featuring digital audio, animation, and videogame majors.

He previous work involved projects that link US and Japanese technology efforts with those in other countries, particularly in China. These primarily included:

His Tokyo-based consulting efforts have included SunBridge Venture Capital, Class Technology Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Research Institute, Japan Management Association, Hitachi, PeopleSoft and others.

Mr. Novak was the Asia Pacific Regional Vice President for Sterling Software, before it was acquired by Computer Associates. He managed its deployment of enterprise-level component-based development technology throughout the region.

He also served as President of Clarke Consulting Group, the country's major intercultural consulting company. At Clarke he managed the company as it addressed the globalization challenges faced by companies such as AT&T and Motorola in China; Microsoft, Intel, and Proctor & Gamble in Japan; and NASA in its collaboration with Russia for the space station effort. Clarke's specialization is joint venture assistance, technology transfer facilitation, expatriate orientation, and headquarters/subsidiary alignment issues, with an emphasis on Japan/US business activities.

Previous to Clarke Mr. Novak headed the client technologies group at Walker Interactive Systems (now part of SSA Elevon) in San Francisco. While at Walker he spearheaded that company's efforts in multimedia-based learning systems. Those efforts produced WIT (Walker Interactive Training), which achieved finalist status in New Media's annual multimedia competition.

Mr. Novak started his career in software as co-founder and Executive Vice President of Ross Systems, a financial software products company. During his 10 years there, Mr. Novak helped to grow that company from its inception to a world-wide organization, currently with revenue close to $50 Million. Ross systems is now part of Chinadotcom.

In broadcast television, Mr. Novak has served as line producer of the nationally syndicated program The Heart of the Nation, and directed and produced television spots on adult literacy featuring Patrick Stewart from Star Trek-The Next Generation. He also was executive producer for a promotional video on the life of Buckminster Fuller.

Mr. Novak has his BBA and MBA from the University of Michigan, is a California CPA, and a former Mensa member.