Dalian Videos and Brochures
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Dalian City Overviews
  - Video clip from the Charlie Rose Show on Dalian with Tom Friedman
  - Video Introduction to the City of Dalian - in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian
  - Dalian news website
  - Video from China's International Software Fair, held only in Dalian each year

Dalian High Tech Zone - One of China's oldest and most successful high tech zones, with major foci in Software, BioTech, Advanced Manufacturing, Integrated Circuitry, Environmental Technology, and Digital Entertainment.
  - Video in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese; and  a brochure in English (PDF)

Dalian Software Park - A major private effort within the High Tech Zone, attracting multinational corporations from around the world.
  - Video in English, Chinese and Japanese

NeuSoft - China's biggest software company, co-headquartered in both Shenyang and Dalian.
  - Video in English, Japanese or Chinese; and a presentation in English and Japanese (PDF)

Dalian Digital Entertainment Corridor - Dalian's nationally supported commitment to the Animation and Videogame industries, part of the High Tech Zone.
  - Video of the corridor in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese; and a brochure in English (PDF)

  - Animation examples from Dalian's Northstar company
  - A sample from Joyall's Shaolin videogame
  - Animation example #1 and Animation example #2 from HyWave Multimedia
  - Website of DorealSoft, a producer of some great 3D motion capture software

Dalian Fashion Show - One of Asia's biggest fashion shows each year. These samples are from the 2000 event.
 -  Opening Ceremony
  - Swan Routine

     -Streaming video of the Zhandra Rhodes Collection, the Susanne Wiebe Collection, and the Marella Ferrera Collection

  - Website of China's only modeling school, headquartered in Dalian

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