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In this area there are various photos, PDF documents, videos, and sound files of mine that might be interesting.

Audio Clips:

This is an interview given to National Public Radio's "Marketplace" program regarding the US/Russia global space station effort. It discusses the intercultural communication issues that occur in space.

Video Clips:

I produced all of the televisions and video pieces below, either professionally or just for fun.




Literacy Volunteers of America - I produced, wrote, and edited a series of public service announcements for the Literacy Volunteers of America, with Patrick Stewart from Star Trek as the talent. It was also a joy to direct such a talented actor.

Literacy Volunteers of America - A 60 second version of the PSA. These pieces were produced in support of Barbara Bush's campaign on literacy while she was first lady.
Literacy Volunteers of America -A 30 second PSA about the value of reading the newspaper
Literacy Volunteers of America -Patrick Stewart reading the the child, in Spanish.
Literacy Volunteers of America -Patrick speaking about literacy and reading a newspaper, in Spanish.
Bucky - This was a promotional video done for PBS submission on the life of Buckminster Fuller. I was one of two executive producers for the piece.
Heart of the Nation - St. Clare's Soup Kitchen - This is a piece that I produced for this nationally syndicated television program, about a man who sells everything he owns to open a soup kitchen for the poor.
Heart of the Nation - St. Clare's Retreat - This is piece for the program, which shows a weekend retreat for married couples at St. Clare's.
Heart of the Nation - Camadolese Monks - This is a piece for the program about the Camaldolese monastery, and the monks who live there in a life of prayer, silence, and making bread.
Clarke Consulting Group - This is a promotional video I produced while president of this company. CCG at that time was one of the largest intercultural consulting companies in the world.
Ueno Park at Cherry Blossom Time - A slide show with music of what it is like in Tokyo at cherry blossom time.


This section is for brochures or articles concerning various work I have done in the the course of my long and varied career. This diversity of experience provides me with a range of helpful perspectives in the work I now do internationally.

 Global Companies/
Local Leaders

The summary of the "Global Companies/Local Leaders" series of roundtable discussions held in October, 1997 at the State of the World Forum. The discussants included members of the Belfast delegation to the EU, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a senior Japanese diplomat among many, many others.

CCG Newsletter

The summer, 1995 issue of "Global Perspectives", the CCG Newsletter.

CBT Magazine

An article on the multimedia e-learning work I managed at Walker Interactive (recently renamed Elevon)
A brochure from localization company International Language Engineering, where I served as interim COO. The company was since bought by Lionbridge.
A series of 4 magazine articles on the document management system I did for the technical publishing section at NASA-Ames. The system was an Apple desktop publishing success story.
A brochure from this television program from the 80's