Amory Lovins

"Amory B. Lovins, chief executive officer of Rocky Mountain Institute, is a consultant experimental physicist educated at Harvard and Oxford. He has received an Oxford MA (by virtue of being a don), eight honorary doctorates, a MacArthur Fellowship, the Heinz, Lindbergh, Right Livelihood ("Alternative Nobel"), World Technology, and Time Hero for the Planet awards, the Happold Medal, and the Nissan, Shingo, Mitchell, and Onassis Prizes. His work focuses on transforming the automobile, real estate, electricity, water, semiconductor, and several other manufacturing sectors toward advanced resource productivity. He has briefed 16 heads of state, held several visiting academic chairs, authored or co-authored 28 books and hundreds of papers, and consulted for scores of industries and governments worldwide. The Wall Street Journal named Mr. Lovins one of 39 people worldwide "most likely to change the course of business in the '90s"; Newsweek has praised him as "one of the Western world's most influential energy thinkers"; and Car magazine ranked him the 22nd most powerful person in the global automotive industry."

Rocky Mountain Institute

I interviewed Mr. Lovins about the role of Japan in addressing issues related to the environment. His comments are available here.

Introduction in Japanese
Mr. Lovins discusses Japan's traditional harmony with nature, and the need to support natural capitalism enterprises.
Lovins discusses the Japanese auto industry
Amory discusses the Japanese electric power industry
Amory thanks everyone