A Ross Systems founder and ties to China

In 1973 I joined Ken Ross as vice president of Ross Systems in the first few months of the company's life. At that time the entire company fit into one room, and we bought our second telephone.

I stayed in active management of that company until 1983, and on the board of directors for a few years after that. During that time we took it from a custom software operation to an international software company, I helped to write our first product, and was responsible for the sales, consulting, and support of its operations.

In the 20 years since then I have watched it's journey through various changes in information technology, and customer requirements. Now it will be part of a larger company with a decidedly Chinese focus, Chinadotcom. I also switched to an Asian focus about 10 years ago, and married a woman from China last year. I can't help but think that in some way my marriage to a woman from China, and the company's merger with Chinadotcom, aren't in some ways connected.

Good luck to everyone at both Chinadotcom and Ross Systems!

.... Michael Novak